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Naturally. After completion of the order process, our team will contact you to clarify how we can transfer your domain or whether it will remain with your current web hosting provider and only a redirection to ClubShare will be set up. Of course your association remains the owner of this domain.

Yes! You can upgrade a booked package at any time. Simply contact our support team.

The first invoice is due upon conclusion of the contract. The amount of the invoice depends on the package booked and the selected payment method (monthly / annual).

Please get in touch with us. We will then be happy to give you feedback on the desired feature and if it does not yet exist, we will be happy to look at whether it can be integrated into ClubShare.

After contract signature, you will receive access to your ClubShare club profile within 48 hours. There you can determine all settings and prepare the page for go-live. When you let us know that you want the site to go live, the new website should usually be online within 24 hours.

It’s a similar story with the apps: at the same time as the website goes live, we also make the app available in the app stores. The club app will then be available for download after 1-2 days.

Experience has shown that it takes between three and seven days after contract signature for everything to be online.

A PC/laptop or tablet and an internet connection. ClubShare can simply be opened from the browser.

In our
Help Center
we provide you with a range of instructions and video tutorials.

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