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It has never been easier to create a professional website in your own club’s design.

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Choose from a variety of templates

You decide what the design of the website and app should look like. You can choose from various templates and modules, and we optimize colors, fonts and other design elements.

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You decide what your supporters see


A powerful tool of ClubShare is the content area. This is where you define how the website menu should be structured and what your fans can view on the individual pages.

You have a whole range of elements at your disposal that allow a high degree of customization: Texts, images, buttons, match schedules, teams, photo albums, videos and much more.

All advantages at a glance

You already have a domain? Great! By connecting ClubShare to the domain, your supporters can find the page as usual. If you don’t have a domain yet, we will be happy to help you find and register a suitable one.

By the way: You already have a website, but you want to replace it with ClubShare? Then you can prepare your new website without rush and when it is ready to go, it will be uploaded to your domain. This means that there is no phase in which the website is unavailable.

The design of the site will be matched to your club: This applies to the colors, the logo, the fonts etc. These are never definite, but can be changed at any time.

It is important to us that your supporters can also identify with your website and are happy to catch up on the latest club news.

There are many customization options. And the number is still growing. It’s up to you what you want to show your supporters. And to make sure you have a complete overview of the many options right from the start, you can get help from our Help Center, instructions, video tutorials or individual coaching.

A template defines the basic idea for the design of the website. You can choose from various designs and decide which template best suits your club.

You want a completely own and individualized template? You can get this in our Enterprise plan.

Your website can be accessed from all end devices: Smartphones, tablets or desktop PCs. Optimizations for the respective end device ensure the best visitor experience.

A website with ClubShare gives you a tool with which you can actively approach sponsors. If you sell advertisements to sponsors, you can insert them anywhere on the website.


Integrate the advertisements of your sponsors

Generating sales with your own club website? ClubShare offers you everything you need for this. You can integrate ads from your sponsors with just a few clicks.


Discover even more

Your own app

App of the club in the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore.


Publish news articles – directly on the website and in the app.


Place advertisements or show fans your merchandise.

And much more Talk to us and find out what is possible.

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